Dr. Brinnae Bent Joins Duke AI Master of Engineering Faculty

April 2, 2024

AI industry expert and Duke alum Dr. Brinnae Bent joins Duke AI Master of Engineering faculty

Duke University's AI Master of Engineering program is thrilled to announce that Dr. Brinnae Bent has joined the program’s faculty effective April 1, 2024. With a background that spans both industry and academia, Dr. Bent brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning to the program. Her expertise in solving impactful, real-world problems through the application of AI aligns with the focus of Duke’s AI master’s program.

Prior to joining the Duke faculty, Dr. Bent served as the Managing Partner of boutique AI consulting company Edge Analytics, where she led a team of ML Engineers and data scientists developing cutting-edge AI applications for major companies worldwide in diverse sectors such as health and wellness, sports and energy forecasting. She is also the co-founder of the Digital Biomarker Discovery Pipeline (DBDP), an open-source platform for health algorithms.

Dr. Bent completed her PhD at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering where she developed ML models to predict glucose noninvasively using a smartwatch. She currently has 30+ peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Bent's commitment to education, combined with her extensive research and practical experience in AI, will bring an invaluable new perspective to the program’s students both inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Bent will be leading the Sourcing Data for Analytics (AIPI 510) and Deep Learning Applications (AIPI 540) core courses for the program. She will also be introducing new elective courses providing students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in emerging areas of AI, including a new course in Explainable AI (XAI) launching in Fall 2024.