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The Duke Difference: AI and Machine Learning

Why join Duke AI?

Duke's AI Master of Engineering develops technical leaders who are equipped to build our future through AI and machine learning. Students build strong technical skills together with an understanding of how to design and build software products, positioning them to build new AI products and systems that solve the challenging problems our world faces.  

Our unique program differentiates itself through:

  • A strong focus on applied machine learning and MLOps to solve real-world problems
  • An experiential model of education where students learn by doing, building a portfolio of personal and team projects to show potential employers
  • A heavy emphasis on industry collaboration, with students engaging with industry leaders during their capstone projects, industry seminars, and internships
  • A small, intimate cohort and emphasis on small class sizes and close interaction between students and our leading faculty

We welcome Diverse participants

The Duke AI program is designed for engineers and scientists from all regions of the world with a variety of technical and scientific backgrounds. We intentionally cultivate a diverse group of students passionate about several different fields and industries. Roughly half of our students join the program directly after their undergraduate studies, and the other half join after gaining work experience.

Many students enter the program with a strong prior background in programming or software development, while others enter with less programming experience but stronger domain-specific expertise. The unique design of our program accommodates both types of participants.

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An interdisciplinary experience

At Duke Engineering, technical training is combined with management courses, industry seminars, a real-world capstone project and an industry internship to provide a well-rounded educational experience that develops both the hard skills and soft skills needed to succeed.

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A Flexible Degree Designed for You

On-campus or online

Duke has you covered: Study on-campus or online. Start with the summer pre-program online data science and programming boot camp. Finish in as little as 12 months of full-time study through the accelerated course schedule, or stay for a third semester and focus on industry-oriented electives.

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Partnered with Industry

Duke's AI curriculum was created from scratch and designed with heavy input from AI leaders across industries.  

Our faculty come with experience at the top of the tech industry and in successful startups prior to joining Duke.

We work closely with industry partners who provide real-world examples for your Capstone Project experience, including some of the leading large techology, healthcare IT, and retail companies.

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Great Graduate Outcomes

Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering is a vibrant teaching and research school set in one of the world's leading universities.  Our graduates are a global alumni network of leaders spanning multinational companies, small businesses, and high-growth startups.  

Duke AI students go into some of the most in-demand and exciting job roles available, such as ML Engineers, AI Engineers, and Data Scientists. Our students join companies across a variety of industries who are leading the way in applying AI/ML to their businesses.

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Duke: A leader in creating educational programs in emerging fields

The Duke AI Master of Engineering program is a part of Duke Engineering's Institute for Enterprise Engineering, which provides high-impact professional education to meet fast-evolving industry needs. These programs draw on Duke Engineering’s research and educational strengths in:

  • Computing Fundamentals
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • FinTech, including Blockchain
  • Engineering Management

Learning opportunities are offered online and on-campus and include degree programs, graduate certificates, online credentials, and short courses. 

We give working professionals and industry partners powerful tools to improve organizational performance and accelerate product innovation.

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